High Surface Area 
Metal Foams

Our Technology

Apheros novel metal foams offer unprecedented properties due to their extremely high surface area and low density. Our innovative processes are highly adaptable, easily scaled, and offer customizable porosity, pore sizes, and mechanical properties. 

We are able to produce a wide range of metals and alloys, including iron, stainless steel, copper, and nickel. The basic chemical, thermal, and electrical properties of the metals are retained.

Our products have applications ranging from cooling to lubrication, catalysis, and energy storage, and many more to come. 

Patented Foaming Process

Large Materials Selection

Our patented production processes were developed at ETH Zürich in Switzerland. They enable the production of high purity foams in a variety of alloys. 

Our foams possess a unique microstructure with a hierarchical porosity providing extremely large surface areas exceeding two million m2/m3. 

Apheros foams can be shaped to your specifications or supplied in sheets of various thicknesses.


Apheros metal foams offer excellent performance in a range of applications

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Our team


CEO - Dr. Julia Carpenter

Julia completed her Ph.D. in Materials Science at ETH Zürich, where she invented the apheros foaming technology and took it to the next level. 

An avid reader and art lover, she can be found at the Zürich Opera at least once a month. 


CTO - Dr. Gaëlle Andreatta

Gaëlle has spent 15 years in industry putting her Ph.D. in chemistry to use, first in the UK and then in Switzerland. She is currently completing her executive MBA at the University of St. Gallen. 

When not digesting economics theory, she can be found running by the lake-side, dancing, or eating chocolate.


R&D - Teepich Houtae

Teepich just finished her master in materials science at TU Darmstadt. Her inquisitive mind and eye for detail contributes to the high quality of our products. 

She likes to make sweet bubble tea or delicious matcha latte for her team, and incredibly spicy food for herself. 


Intern - Production

Maria studied mechanical engineering in Salamanca, Spain, and joined apheros to elevate product design and optimize processing. 

She's a great fan of crime novels and everything Brandon Sanderson. 


Intern - Linus Kopp

Linus was not challenged enough by the Bachelor studies at ETH Zürich, so he decided to intern at Apheros. His quick thinking and relentless energy are crucial in developing our next generation foams. 

He likes to surf and can be found on the the football pitch most evenings in summer.  


Master Thesis - Nicolas Dobler

Nicolas is in the last stretch of his Process Engineering degree. He joined apheros to simulate the production process and speed scaling.  

He can often be found in the snow - ski touring, cross country skiing, and dragging a sled though the Arctic. 

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